Controlled Substances

Controlled Substances

In an era marked by advancements in pharmaceuticals and medical treatments, handling of controlled substances and highly potent drugs demands precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to safety and compliance. PharmSky has experience in the handling and storage of controlled substances and highly potent drugs. We recognise the unique challenges associated with the use of these substances and offer specialised services to support organisations to advance the development of new therapies containing these compounds. All material that enters our site is receipted, stored, and managed following detailed processes to ensure traceability throughout its life cycle up to and including despatch or destruction. If required, vendor qualification of suppliers can also be completed. PharmSky is committed to maintaining stringent safety protocols and quality and regulatory compliance  to guarantee the wellbeing of our staff and the quality of your product.

Medicinal cannabis and psychedelics are promising treatments for addressing specific clinical conditions and improving patient well being. At PharmSky we are committed to navigating this dynamic landscape and providing comprehensive services to support businesses and organisations developing medicinal cannabis and psychedelic products. PharmSky has licences to store and handle medicinal cannabis and psychedelics and we offer well-established in-house services ranging from analytical, stability, regulatory, formulation optimisation, early stage and phase 1 manufacturing. These services highlight our expertise and dedication to foster positive change for patients who require these regulated medicines.

PharmSky is licensed by the Victorian Department of Health to possess and store Schedules 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 medicines. Scheduling is a classification system in which medicines and chemicals are categorised into schedules to control their availability according to the level of regulatory control required to protect public health and safety. The scheduled medicines and chemicals covered in Pharmsky’s license are:




Pharmacy medicine


Pharmacist only medicine


Prescription only medicine or prescription animal remedy


Dangerous poison


Controlled drug


Prohibited substance

Highly potent drugs are substances that have a strong pharmacological effect at low doses. These drugs typically have a high affinity for their target receptors or enzymes, meaning they can produce significant physiological or psychological effects even in small amounts. Typical examples include fentanyl, LSD and many chemotherapy drugs.

The nature of highly potent compounds means they pose a significant risk to anyone who comes in contact with them, even peripherally. This is especially true for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) which are often supplied as very fine powders and are highly susceptible to forming dust clouds. As such, any facility handling these compounds, needs to institute effective controls and employee training to minimise the risk associated with their handling. PharmSky have the processes in place to risk assess, store and handle highly potent drugs and our employees are experienced in their use. If you are looking for a facility which can safely manage the development  and/or testing  of your highly potent drug, get in touch with us today.

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